Comfort Food

Things have taken a turn around the golden state of late. The other night we were feeling a bit off kilter after the big earthquake and a blustery storm was brewin’. Continue reading Comfort Food

Liquid Poetry

Looking at retirement, Daniel Renteria decided to venture into the world of wine; wine bars, tasting rooms, vineyards, and wineries. “I met some interesting people whose eyes lit up when they discussed picking grapes, making wines, and of course drinking wine. I could hear the passion in their voice. I also felt a sense of fulfillment as they described their own experience with wine”, shared Daniel.

Stories told a thousand times were expressed as though it was their first moment of discovery.

There is something about wine that is hard to explain. Yes, Mother Nature does her share of the work. It is also knowing that the wine maker develops an instinct of knowing when to harvest the grapes and then adding their personal touch making the wine their own. Daniel learned that “the wine maker is a weatherman, a chemist, a poet, and one who understands the journey of wine from the vineyard to the bottle.” This is the magic of wine that only the wine maker knows.

After learning and experiencing this passion, Daniel wanted to bring the same passion and poetry of wine to the Tower District, and greater Fresno. Pinot Wine Bar and Bistro features excellent wines as well as creative and delicious bistro bites. “Our focus was on preparing exceptional food and handmade desserts. And, knowing that not everyone is a wine lover, we offer craft beers”.

Pinot also features melodic local artisans many a night and during the summer they even have movie nights on the patio, weekly. Between Chef Martin’s delicious plates and Pinot’s excellent wine line up (not to mention affordable prices), Pinot Wine Bar and Bistro is a favorite stop on our Tower Art Taste walking adventure the 4th Saturday of the month. Come along and taste some poetry as we step out on 9/22
Advance tickets are a must…. So go to today!