Every Building Has A Story

Sweeping in to Fresno in the 1880s, John Dewy Fiske was an imposing figure. Fiske, and his young wife, settled in Fresno after an extended honeymoon around the world.

Establishing himself as a lawyer, capitalist and theater manager, Fiske bought a large home on M Street furnishing it with luxuries not known to many Fresnans at the time. At the crossroads of early Fresno, he built the Fiske Block, an imposing edifice to himself. HP-FISKE-1

Though the corner of Mariposa and J became associated with his posh building, it was also the scene of one of Fresno’s most notorious murders….

Hear the walls tell the rest of the story on a free walking tour of the Fulton Mall. Pick up a story guide at Peeve’s Public House 1243 Fulton Mall between 2 and 4pm May 9th.