The language of Symbols and pictures

Symbols and pictures have meaning. Further, these symbols, pictures and language are influenced by culture and even by intuitive non-verbal communication exchanged in a mere instant of meeting.

Language whether written, verbal or pictographic in form carries the expression of thought and an expression of heart influenced by local culture. To become truly immortal, a work of art must escape all human limits: logic and common sense only interfere. Once these barriers are broken, you enter the realm of childhood visions and dreams.

It is these visions, and some realism too, that we explore on the Art of Graffiti walking adventure this weekend.
We step out Friday evening and Saturday morning so you can choose one.
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What is ART? succinctly defines: art is the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.

I prefer think of art as whatever makes me feel <insert your own emotion>.

When I saw this image my first impression was, oh, I love the color and texture!

It made me cheerful.

Then my mind went to work; ‘its just an old rusty pipe with color on it’. ‘No, its colorful art’ thus the war of mind over what is.

What is art to you?

Where does one find art?

I find art everyday; in the very ground I tread upon, the simplicity of a rusty pipe with some paint on it. Art is every where if we just care to look.

Michelangelo said it best “The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.”

what will YOU discover?

Want to experience some cool art while we eat our way through a neighborhood? We even add some tasty treats at local eateries too…..Check out our web site and join us for a unique walking adventure on Saturday morning!

Colorful Bits Make a Stunning Piece of Art

Scarab Glass Works was created in 1976 by Susanne and Brad Clarke in Fresno, Ca. and presently occupies a historic 6,500 square foot building in downtown Fresno. Located on the cusp of the first Griffith proposal of 1880, the first neighborhood north of Downtown, the building Scarab occupies dates to pre 1920 and is kept in impeccable condition.
Scarab offers a variety of clear architectural glass, with varied textures and visual qualities. All production work at Scarab Glass Works is designed by Susanne, a highly skilled crafts person, she oversees the projects to the last patina. “The client’s vision of what they wish to view is assiduously respected, and color drawings with glass samples are presented for approval before production begins.” Susanne tells us.
A UC trained artist originally from Fresno, Susanne moved to Monterey and began teaching. They soon found it expensive to have a studio there and began thinking of Fresno as a possible location. They relocated and eventually found the historic 6,500 square foot building in downtown Fresno once home to a grocery store … where former patrons still stop to visit.

On a recent visit to the studio we saw a new window as it was being designed. “Windows designed for religious settings must transcend architectural constraints, aesthetics, and beauty” Susanne shares. “We strive to create inspirational panels to beautify a sanctuary regardless of technique.” Design and vision combine to create works that challenge stained glass norms so spiritual significance, belief, and hope can be conveyed.
“Professional glass artists need to be skilled in visual communication, working with color to set mood, character, and spirit. Preliminary sketches are the ground work for most stained glass projects. When they are translated into finished glass works, the special alliance with light and color create a beautiful environmental transformation.” In this case, drawings of the concept, along with photos of existing windows in the same location, were used to create a new design for Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Once approved, it was then drawn to scale and glass is selected or even created to bring to life the drawn concept. It it may take more than a month from concept to hanging. Laic stained glass, usually seen in churches, became popular for the first time in the 19th century, and until recently traditional Victorian style patterns were synonymous with stained glass. The beauty of this craft is timeless and in Susanne’s hands it is a work of art.
Join About Town Taste Saturday as we set out into the cultural arts district and stop by Scarab Glass Works for a visit.
April 9th @10a.Art, history and food…..just $25pp Please call so we can reserve with the restaurants too! or 559.392.4471

Karen’s Keepsakes

Way back in ’94 Karen’s Keepsakes began a tradition of mural art on their place of business. Today’s murals reflect a love of entertainment legends as its subject matter. The idea was since the Tower District is an entertainment area with live bands, live theater etc… why not do something bright and lively that would uplift viewers as well? “I mean the murals to be spirited and fun in an area known for its neon nightlife and nostalgia” Karen tells us. With a nod to the past I think Legends succeeds. You never know when more favorite artists may hang out around Karen’s corner—singing, playing and dancing just for you!
Karen herself is also an artist and has owned and operated her gift shop/boutique in the historic Tower District for many years. A summer ‘experiment’ of opening a shop in a renovated old mansion quickly blossomed into a full time job, leading to three successively larger locations. “I enjoy meeting the public, and being creative in my work.” Karen’s Keepsakes “also serves as an informal gallery for my own art and creativity”.
Karen’s is just one of the art stops on the About Town Taste adventure in the Tower District. Our next date for this tour is Jan 29th 10a.
So the restaurants can be prepared, please contact us
to reserve or 559.392.4471

Art Across the Pages of Time

Fresno has long been an area that has inspired the imagination, from the time of the first Native Americans, through the tumultuous years of settlement, to the present.

The summer of 1868 a girl was born in Millerton to the postmaster and his wife. Soon Millerton was facing a demise so the young family moved down to the new settlement of Fresno Station. The Froelich family settled just north of the then new post office at Mariposa & H St where Otto acted as the postmaster. By a very young age the Freoelich’s daughter was drawing so well many felt she had great talent. The family agreed, sending her to the finest schools and then to Hopkins Art Institute in San Francisco. She traveled the world studying with leading painters and taught at several universities. Her paintings, even today, are part of permanent collections at the Oakland Museum and the National Gallery in DC which has six of her works. From her birth in a small mining camp of Millerton Maren Froelich was Fresno’s first native born artist living in what we know today as the Cultural Arts District. Remnants of this vibrant sector of early Fresno, associated with the arts and entertainment, once again express itself colorfully as many buildings, homes or businesses have been restored or are undergoing adaptive reuse.
About Town Taste sets out to explore the district with its newest art and buildings, as well as a few tasty bites, on the Art Born of Graffiti adventure the 2nd weekend of the month. Our next foray into the area on a Taste the Tour is February 12th… why not join us?

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