Comfort Food

Things have taken a turn around the golden state of late. The other night we were feeling a bit off kilter after the big earthquake and a blustery storm was brewin’. Continue reading Comfort Food

Taste Bud Tightrope

Ah, fall. Leaves wafting crimson and gold. Brisk air takes your breath away. The scent of a crackling fire hangs like a blanket around the chimney. Crisp golden globes high up on branches….. Continue reading Taste Bud Tightrope


Juicy white peach

cold from fridge
cantaloupe delicious
with tough skin ridged

stringy mango drips 462282877-1024x682
delectable taste
grapes and cherries too
eat without haste

lovely ripe bananas
and oranges sweet
apples crispy green
fine summer treats!

~Lee Emmett, Australian Poet

Whether you crave sweet summer fruit baked into a buttery, flaky pie dough, the refreshing tang of lemon icebox pie, or Continue reading SUMMER FRUITS Bounty