Petal Showers

The last of the fragrant fruit blossoms are nearly gone, their pink-and-white petals scattered across the orchards that nestle along the verdant foothills of the High Sierra.


By month’s end — the first strawberries #MadeInFresno will be ready for picking. Blackberries and blueberries won’t be far behind. In May, apricots, plums and other stone fruit will begin to ripen.

As the shutters disappear from the roadside stands, their colorful displays of sun-sweetened delights beckon drivers to stop and sample fruits.  Check out

Comfort Food

Things have taken a turn around the golden state of late. The other night we were feeling a bit off kilter after the big earthquake and a blustery storm was brewin’. Continue reading Comfort Food

Spring is in the Air

Celebrate spring along the Fresno Co Fruit & Blossom Trail #MadeInFresno! Panoramic orchards alive with fragrance and bursting with blooms, Continue reading Spring is in the Air

Taste Bud Tightrope

Ah, fall. Leaves wafting crimson and gold. Brisk air takes your breath away. The scent of a crackling fire hangs like a blanket around the chimney. Crisp golden globes high up on branches….. Continue reading Taste Bud Tightrope

A Different Taste

All summer we have been working in the realm of #food sharing our events, home-created and tested dishes and even some of our personal parties. As fall begins its late arrival in the Central Valley, we are stepping into other feasts of sorts, that of art. Continue reading A Different Taste