A Different Taste

All summer we have been working in the realm of #food sharing our events, home-created and tested dishes and even some of our personal parties. As fall begins its late arrival in the Central Valley, we are stepping into other feasts of sorts, that of art.

Locally, art is a thriving outlet with #ArtHop each month, while fall also brings changes in the art and music scene with the arrival of opera, philharmonic and numerous local bands revving up. Today, we came across a very different taste;  an art exhibit that’s just too exciting not to share!

Imagine an abandoned space coming to life with artwork—videos, interactive projects, and installations, as well as photographs, drawings, and paintings—all addressing the theme of Fortress. Held in long-abandoned structures in Badger, CA on the foothill border with Tulare & Fresno Counties, the event will be held November 6, 7, and 8, 2015, 11 am to 4 pm.

This year’s exhibition will be linked to a worldwide, nearly simultaneous art event, conceived  as an International City Tour by its founding organization, the Urban Arts and Media Organization, based in Munich, Germany.

Fortress-square-logo_web   Hatchery: Fortress was chosen by UAMO as the sole USA site in the tour, one of ten alternative art venues. The Hatchery is situated in a rural, remote environment approximately an hour and a half from either Fresno or Visalia.

The property’s natural beauty is compromised by the numerous failed human endeavors, giving it an oddly decayed urban feel. Additionally, this area of the southern Sierra has been hard hit by the drought with the Rough Fire still burning and smoldering its way through the forest; one of the worst possible outcomes for our dry, thirsty region.

Fortress relates to current concerns in the area with the intention of the curators, to engage a non-art audience who may be attracted by the peculiar history of the Hatchery and its current dilapidated state.

Since 2010, three contemporary art exhibitions have been produced at the Hatchery, This years Fortress, is the third of contemporary art exhibitions at this venue and will feature 20 world-wide artists.

Central Valley, you should be proud to be chosen for this exceptional exhibit as the exclusive US location for the, Fortress. We would urge you to consider taking part by visiting this once in a lifetime opportunity held in long abandoned location on the border of Fresno and Tulare counties.

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