A Summer Feast

squashy panzanella

This summer we’ve had quite a few summer storms blow through bringing booming thunder and snapping lightning. Guess the idea of a pool party is out.

And with the golden state scorched by years of drought, our new motto is ‘don’t frown on brown’; we let the lawn go. No lawn bocce ball. What to do…

Another summer storm rolls through outside my window with cool breezes, leaving the idea of a summer feast to take root. Maybe a gazebo party?

As the idea sinks in and grows we decide to make it a low country boil. Crawdads, corn and potatoes in a spicy broth. Sounds good!

We add a few more things to serve while everyone gets off work and heads over. Fresh mint julips, fried squash and a colorful summer panzanella salad making good use of our summer garden bounty.

With one change, we used Ina Garten’s lovely recipe for the panzanella. We simply dropped the basil and used fresh squash blossoms. squashy panzanellaYou can Ina’s recipe find here… Our version was dubbed Indian Summer Salad. We think it looks a bit like this lovely poem:

…Pink, apricot, plum, a mellow yellow
Bright leafage against a sky indigo
With the soft breeze foliation does flow
In golden sunlight it glistens and glows                                                                                                                                                                 Crimson, saffron, lilac, radiant gold                       

Excerpt from The Colors of Indian Summer Butterfly Blue 2010

And here’s the feast too; a truly magical sight to behold!  photo (44)

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