Summer Melon Time


Nothing tastes of summer more than the sweet, mouth-watering watermelon. 

Costing mere pennies per pound its perfect for summer fun as well. Watermelon Eating Contests bring old-fashioned summer fun for kids and adults who can compete for eating watermelon the fastest or spitting seeds the longest distance. melconSome contests even involve rolling the watermelon with your feet to see who can move it the fastest, as shown in an old photo circa 1912.

Watermelon, a colorful relative of the zucchini family, is most often thought of as a fruit. Statistically, California ranks third in the nation in the production of watermelon with Fresno County leading at 45% of the entire state’s production.

Enjoyed throughout the summer as a sweet dessert, snack or enhancement to a variety of dishes, cocktails and beverages, watermelon brings sweet, cool refreshment to any dish. With temperatures soaring this week you might want to make a batch or two of this unusual watermelon salsa!

Red, White & Blue Summer Salsa

1 watermelon, rind removed, diced (1/4 in)

1 jalapeno, finely diced

1 small white onion or spring onions, diced finely

1 bunch cilantro, well chopped

1 qt. blueberries

2 limes

Have a large bowl nearby and begin trimming and dicing the first 4 ingredients, placing them into the bowl.

Check over the blueberries and rinse, dry. Add berries into the bowl. Roll the limes once or twice. Zest the limes into the bowl, then slice and ream them over the fruit in the bowl. Lightly toss. Chill well before serving.watermelon-blueberry-salsa2

What do you do with watermelon…..?

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