Healthy, Decadent Fudge

Say the word lentil and most folks think soup or stew perhaps. Confused? you thought this was about decadent fudge right, read on!

Did you know lentils are little powerhouses of nutritional goodness? Like other legumes, lentils are low in fat and high in protein and fiber. Lentils have a mild, often peppery flavor, and they’re best if cooked with assertive flavorings.

lentil varieties

Lentils are not likely to knock bacon off our plates anytime soon. But research at  UC Berkley shows that lentils – and similar legumes – help restore American farmland besieged by sustainability problems. Unlike traditional grains, lentils  need no chemical fertilizers, as they pull life-giving nitrogen from the air and return it to the soil. And, in drought stricken California, farmers are finding lentils require far less water. After all, lentils come to us from the fertile crescent of the Middle East, a swath of arid fertile land between Turkey and Mediterranean Sea quite similar to California’s Central Valley.

A cheap, sustainable crop, lentils hardy gems are a rising star ingredient with Meatless Mondays and ethnic cuisines gaining popularity. And, by the way, they’re versatile and delicious so why not make fudge! Go on, give it whirl………..

¼ cup local organic honey
3 Tbs. organic coconut oil, melted at low temperature
1 can organic Green or Black Lentils, rinsed & drained
3 Tbs. Ghiradelli unsweetened cocoa power
1/8 tsp. salt

1. Dump everything into a food processor and give it whirl. Continue blending until smooth and creamy looking. Occasionally stop and scape the bowl down; whirl again.

2. Pour into a shallow dish lined with waxed paper. Chill. Turn out onto a cutting surface, removing the wax paper. Cut into 2” squares placing decoratively on your serving plate.

3. Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled if it is a warm day.

89 calorie per 2 inch square packed with 4g protein compared to traditional fudge (1”) square: 90 calories and a mere 0.5g protein. Source MyFitnessPal                                                                                   Twice the serving size with fewer calories and loads of protein. So yes, healthy decadent fudge!

FYI you can also roll pieces into balls and pop them into your muffins before baking like this:

Lentil Choc Muffins

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