Stories From The Road

Summer in the Central Valley is a time to celebrate the beauty, flavor and culture of the region.

exeter on the rd

Tucked against of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Exeter CA., has scenic beauty, a thriving business community and a population who take great pride in the town’s heritage.
Noted as one of America’s prettiest painted places, the citrus community proudly displays murals throughout the downtown area. Not just your standard run of the mill murals either.
exeter mural 2
You see, every one is not only a work of art but a story of the town’s history and even have hidden images making the mural walk fun for the kiddos.

This cute-as-button town is a fun detour or day trip. Merely 30 minutes from the entrance to Sequoia National Park, Exeter is a wonderful main street stop coming or going.
Check it out some time, we did with a tour bus of folks who loved it!
exeter mural

Get the mural map here

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