So many bunnies….basilwood to name one

On a recent blustery March day a friend and I jumped in the car for a little road trip.

A short drive later we arrived at basilwood Farm, an incredible little homestead where owner Jill Spruance….. creates awesome goat milk soap and other goodies. Population currently includes a few humans, loads of domesticated critters, and who knows how many wild ones.

Jill and her husband strive to find self-sufficient methods of living. Their current endeavors include artisan soap making, veggie gardening, goat herding, yogurt and cheese making, chicken tending, piggy farming, egg collecting, homemade vanilla extract production, and gopher hunting. Image

After stopping to greet the resident goats, we found our way to the nestled workshop where basilwood’s magic happens. The day we arrived the place was beginning to burst with blooms and lovely smells. Orange creamsicle, lavender, champagne and even coffee scent the bars, a wonderful blend of coconut, sustainable palm, avocado, jojoba and sweet almond oils with Shea butter. Image

The yummy coffee butter soap has a thin layer of finely ground coffee that creates a mild exfoliant, and is topped with a lovely swirl that looks just like rich whipped cream.  All of the whip, none of the calories! It doesn’t get any better than this, does it? Of course not. Believe me, they smell good enough to eat. 

Well, when we find something this good we like to share…and Jill is thankfully one who loves to share too…. So, we’ll now be including samples of basilwood soaps as a treat for all our tours!

Oh!, and let’s not forget the woolies. What’s a Woolie? It’s a soap with a sweater. Okay, more like a beautiful hand-dyed, anti-microbial woolen washcloth…. In several lovely scents too. And the whats with name, basilwood? I’ll leave it to you to figure that puzzler out. After all we always say, what will YOU discover?

Step out with us some time…


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