Altered Perceptions

Not only does Ramiro like to play with the mind’s idea,

he enjoys altering perceptions of space and even time with large installation pieces and murals.

Recently revealed is Ramiro’s  23-by-170-foot mural named “Cultivating Civilization,” on a wall near the Sears wing of Machester mall.

“It’s message begins on the right with a night scene over pyramids and sculptures that connect the past with the present”, Ramirez said. Moving right the viewer soars over the valley in a breathtaking and massive view of  agricultural land, then a sports stadium with roads connecting the viewer to the city as sunlight peeks through.

“We wanted to create a disorienting aspect of how we see the world…how we reshape our environment so we can live there,” Ramirez said.    


Ramiro, raised in a hard working farm laborer family of 12, would carve into rocks various forms and shapes to bury in the ground and imagine future societies to eventually unearth his youthful attempts at forming a worthy tribute to life. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute where he exercised skills in painting and sculpture, and where the importance of art impressed upon him the notion of being an artist. 

Cultivating Civilization makes one want to grab a balloon and fly up high. What do you see? That’s what Ramiro Martinez wants with this massive work altering your perception.

More of Ramiro’s art can be seen on our Taste of Graffiti tour happening tomorrow (10/12). Advance tickets required.

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