Giraffes, fairy’s and gardens

A garden is what you make it. Fairy dusted flower patches, a cocktail garden, a Simon & Garfunkel garden and even a Blue Moon garden? All these themed gardens and more were discovered tucked into a yard full of whimsy on a recent Tower Art Taste adventure.

There is a certain delight in creating a space in your yard for a secret garden. It’s easy to transform an everyday flower patch into something more magical and enchanted by the lore of garden-dwelling fairies; carefree spirits who take great delight in nature’s splendor.

“I didn’t even know what a fairy garden was, but then I started thinking about it, I realized that I have lots of plants with fairy names, so why not put them all together in a garden?” shared our homeowner, Rosalind. ‘Fairy’ geraniums, ‘Elfin’ thyme,’ Apricot Fairy Queen’ foxglove, ‘Elfin’ impatiens, ‘Fairy’ snapdragons, and ‘Fairy Earrings’ fuchsia are just a few of the plants that pay homage to fairy folklore in her garden. Since fairies are small, their garden should be, too.

Rosalind creates tiny fairy-size garden beds with small boxwood, a little river rock bed…because fairies love shiny things, and fuchsias, since fairies and hummingbirds like the bright blossoms. Tuck in few re-purposed children’s toys or some old kitsch and you have the beginnings of a new theme!

Sadly vandals struck and destroyed these whimsical garden vignettes. Taking a few months to recover from the shock of such dastardly acts of lazy sport, the homeowner has once again reclaimed their personal space and the gardens of whimsy are back batter than ever! Pixie-Hollow-Fairy-Garden5

Old Shoe mini garden

Want to check it out? well, join us on the next Tower Art Taste adventure on Saturday morning @ 11am. The Fairy garden is one stop on our little adventure of art, architecture and food tastes all woven together with historic stories of the neighborhood, too. Reserve online at today.

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