Land of Sunshine and Flowers

Unlike other California cities, Fresno did not get its start during the gold rush, as prospectors simply passed through the area on the way to the Sierras. After the gold rush land was used for cattle grazing. 002

Along came Anthony Easterby in 1867, purchasing land bounded by present day streets Chestnut, Belmont, Clovis and California avenues. Unable to grow wheat for lack of water, he hired Moses J. Church to build an irrigation canal. And on our little patch of California a community developed.

In 1872 when the railroad staked a claim along the edge of Easterby’s property; the town of Fresno was born. Our name is derived from the Spanish word for ash trees, native to the Central Valley. With the coming railroad all were provided the economic push needed to start a town in the frontier lands of the Old West. 1882 Fresno

The bright prospects held forth by the fertile valleys of California allured many an ambitious young man to the land of sunshine and flowers.

Those who contributed to the establishment of our city were drawn to Fresno following the Civil War and brought with them talent and experience in the lumber industry, railroads and agriculture.

Church’s ditch and irrigation transformed us from dry desert into one of the most fertile and agriculturally diverse regions that produces most of the world’s supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresno’s history is as rich and diverse as the people who live here, with over 30 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Today, Fresno’s urban core is again drawing interest as it re awakens in a new wave of business boom. Why not take a closer look on Saturday morning (2/2/13) when we step out on the next Urban Taste walking adventure?
There are some delicious tastes ready for us along with the great art, all found downtown.
Tickets available at

Historical Source: California History & Genealogy Room, Fresno County Library

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