A Game of Checkers

If the old Clovis Hotel is looking homier to you, you’re not off your rocker. With Victoria Rose Tea House closed in that location and Hearts Delight relocating into the historic hotel space, Old Town’s got a large-scale game of checkers going on. And that’s just how Cora Shipley wants it.

Cora and her husband Bill are big fans of Cracker Barrel restaurants. So much so that they regularly drive down to Kingman AZ to visit the closest one! Those drives can be a tad long. Cora & Bill got to talking and came up with an idea for Old Town. cracker-barrel-general
“We thought something similar to the Cracker Barrel theme would work well in Old Town” shares Cora. When the tea house closed they jumped at the chance to make their dream come true. cracker-barrel-2

Hearts Delight, with its cute, colorful and country-style items, has already settled within the old hotel space. Bill & Cora are also moving their delectable meals from the Scoops & Soups location into the other half of the hotel. The new eatery will be known as The Old Hotel Bistro. They will begin serving up home-style meals that they are known for, at the new bistro this weekend! Whew, our head is spinning… or their off their rockers with such a fast turnaround. And those rockers? rockers You may see some on the front porch soon!
Meanwhile we’ll be traipsing our way through Old Town this Saturday on the next Nibbles & Bits of Old Town adventure. We’ve already sold half the spots on the tour but there are a few left… just for you! Click here to get the last tickets and we’ll see YOU Saturday morning.

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