Magical Music

Mozart’s Magic Flute is a fairy tale and a philosophy; it is an adventure-rescue story and political commentary. It is, simply stated, an endlessly fascinating work of art!

The Magic Flute has been described as an opera with its head high in the clouds and its feet planted firmly on the earth. Designed to entertain the decidedly unroyal audiences, the opera also had a profound moral purpose to improve, to inspire, and to enlighten.

Today, the story is a charming and tasty entertainment, just as the character Papageno accepts his simple pleasures – a good meal, lots to drink, and a loving wife. Or, you may find in The Magic Flute the message that things are not as simple as they may seem…. that an internal struggle is at work within us, and that faith, love, truth and wisdom will enable man to prevail in that internal struggle.

Viewing Mozart’s enlightened world through his work we are invited to be free actors able to create our own destinies just as the characters in the opera are able to influence their own lives. Stop in and visit it at City Hall some time.
Meanwhile you can join us for the next weekends Taste of Graffiti walking tour either Friday night or Saturday morning. Want a big discount? Click on over to Brown Paper Tickets…. but hurry… discount sales end on TH.

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