Bridal Creations

A family owned business, Luftenburg’s Bridal has been downtown on the Fulton Mall for 69 years.
From the basement of a small lingerie store in 1941, the company later became known as Neil’s Silk Shop and fabric store, just a few doors down from where Luftenburg’s are now located. Rapid growth soon caused a need to expand into a larger building; one they occupy today, once known as Walter Smith.

Later, the McCutchen’s son, Bennett and his wife Vivian, started the bridal portion of the store in 1964 actively operating it until recently selling the business to a former employee.
Delores Sulenta and her husband Walter have been friends of the McCutchen’s since the 70’s when Luftenburg’s Bridal did their own wedding 36 years ago.

Today Luftenberg’s is noted as California’s largest Bridal Salon carrying many exclusive designers.

Luftenberg’s bridal creations are found on the Fulton Mall. Join us next weekend as we explore the mall and more of our urban center along with the world-class art and even a few tasty bites on the Urban Taste adventure!
Book in advance and save $19!


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