Real Customer Service

In the early 1890s a young man joined the family dry goods business.
He gained more responsibility becoming the manager and eventually dreamed of his own business.

For this young man a chance conversation with TW Patterson opened the door to fulfill his dream in 1904. The new store carried the finest of everything: cloaks, trims, millenry, dresses and a unique candy department. Service was THE word they built their reputation on. They would remain open until the last customer went home; sometimes at midnight!

As profits grew the owner purchased property at the site of an old stage stop. When it opened it featured a wonderful modern amenity – water cooled air conditioning. As the business grew many more branches were opened.

The Gottschalk name became renowned and has been part of Fresno since Emil Gottschalk fulfilled his dream here. Sadly, the recent failure and closing of this institution has left us with a hole in the community. All is not lost however, with one of Emil’s distant nephews announcing he will open a new version of Gottschalks in Clovis.

The former Gottschalk’s building is a beautiful art deco style. Once a high-end downtown department store, it is now operated as low-end swap mall. While it awaits renovation some of the windows have been painted as modern murals. We explore this historic building and many more tastes on the next Urban Taste adventure Saturday April 7th.

Half-off tickets available through Friday night! Otherwise show up 4/7 10am at the Clock Tower $49 pp includes all food: cash only.

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