Happy Birthday Clovis!

Clovis M Cole came to the area a young boy with his family, resettling after the Civil War. By the age of 25 after his father gave him his first team of horses, he farmed 50,000 acres of wheat earning the nickname the ‘Wheat King’.

Donating land to the San Joaquin Valley Railroad for right of way on first railroad in this area, Cole built his first home among his wheat fields in 1903. The home exists to this day as a private residence.

In in honor of his donation and civic leadership, railroad officials named the growing city Clovis. Clovis Cole went on to become a school trustee and public-spirited citizen finally ending his days at his new home, in Fresno among its wealthy citizens.
Now that you’ve had a ‘nibble’ of the story why not get the rest of the story next Saturday (3/17) on the Nibbles & Bits walking adventure? Join others as we tread through historic Old Town tasting as we go.
$49 per person day or for half off go to Brown Paper Tickets!

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