New Year resolutions

The New Year brings all sorts of lists and predictions so we thought we’d chime in with our own local view. Here’s the way we see things happening for 2012 around town and around the world:

Never shop or eat alone again

Families may be smaller these days but the rise of food blogs fills a void for group food experiences. Food trucks tweet their locations and flash-food raves assemble underground at midnight. It’s not just about the food; it’s about connection, conversation and a sense of community.

Continued emphasis on the farm to fork journey
We have become increasingly interested in knowing where our food comes from. We’ve seen “buy local” become an important food trend; now we get to meet the people who are the farmers, ranchers and the mom & pop places that craft plates using their fresh wares.

Ethnic food revolution trucks on
Food trucks continue to replace gourmet and specialty stores as a way to discover new food experiences, especially when it comes to ethnic foods. Truck operators with ethnic roots are able to share the heritage and romance of their culture’s food, a way to ‘travel’ close to home.

A Taste of Culture with our food
A primary driving force in travel these days, particularly among Baby Boomers, are experiences that focus on culinary tastes with a dash of culture.

Hummmm… culled from across the net, the list looks like a walking taste adventure hits the mark in many ways. Connectedness, local artisans creating delicious plates and a way to travel the world locally, all wrapped up with a bit of culture and art too.
And let’s not forget many people’s New Years resolution, to exercise more…. So there you have it. Walking taste tours are a cutting edge way to bring a fun tasty adventure into your life!

We hope to see YOU on a tour some time soon and wish you the best for the coming year.


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