Daniel DeSiga

As a young child, Daniel DeSiga knew that drawing and painting would play an important role in his life. Daniel DeSiga is living proof that dreams can come true, especially if the dreamer has the drive and talent needed—and takes the advice of his father.

“My father once told me, ‘If you want to work for somebody, go there and ask. Sweep the floor if you have to.’ I walked into the Met and met John Brewer. He put me to work changing light bulbs.” DeSiga worked his way up to graphic artist and exhibition designer for the Fresno Metropolitan Museum. While living here in Fresno Daniel was approached to do murals in several locations around Fresno. He created murals on the Chihuahua Tortilla factory, in the main reception room of the Adult school and for the Holiday Inn hotel on the Fulton Mall.

After several years with the Met DeSiga moved on to Santa Fe. “My dream had always been to go to Santa Fe and work with a great artist, ” DeSiga said. “I knew that’s where it was happening in Southwestern art.”

His work now reflects a colorful heritage, influenced by many years study with other renown artists. DeSiga enriches his works with his Latino and Native American roots using colors and images of the American west capturing the plight and contributions of the Mexican-American migrant worker. His work is also published in textbooks and featured at the National Museum of American Art/Smithsonian Institute in DC.
Although DeSigna has moved on from Fresno our city is the better for his mark left behind in his works. Sadly, the mural beside the Holiday Inn pool is long gone, but the current owners are considering a new work for the wall. Meanwhile, you can step out with About Town Taste on an Urban Taste of the Fulton Mall and experience other world-renowned art works, and the historic mall itself, before it’s gone. Why not join us this Saturday morning for an adventure of art, history & food tastes?
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Resource: Daniel DeSiga, The Artist, Latino Northwest Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 5, August-September 2001, p.16

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