Rob Carey is an American school teacher living in Kandern, Germany; He’s also an artist and even has ties back to Fresno. Frequently sketching the area around where he lives Rob also chronicles his travels to other locations around Europe or the US while on furlough.

“Until recently, my sketching consisted of chalkboard doodles for my students, but this year I began working in a sketchbook with pencils, fine point pens and watercolor” shares Rob.

The Rhine River, just minutes from the borders of Switzerland and France is his home now. This makes an ideal location for sketching a variety of images, from the crowded streetcars of Basel, to the half-timbered houses of the Alsace region. With an eye for the minutest detail Rob sketches the old farmhouses just down the road. You know, the one with the gaping cracks and
the crooked shutters or houses that hold hundreds of memories and stories from years gone by.

Rob’s sketches vary between a loose, informal feeling and more controlled architectural renderings. They often explore a fascination with light and shadow affecting architectural forms.
Rob’s work came to my attention via a friends post of a recent drawing. The subjectwas the Warnors Theater. I was amazed by the detail given to the piece but did not pay much attention to who the artist was. As happens sometimes, I had just participated in a conversation culminating with a request to find some local art that could be used for All Things Fresno gallery. They were looking for a work to represent the store. Remembering the sketch I pulled it up. I was quite surprised to see who the artist was. I never knew Rob as an artist… I knew him and his lovely family as missionaries teaching in Kandern.

And the rest of the story? You’ll have to stop by All Things Fresno soon and find out! They’re open T-Sat 12-4 located in hte historic Warnors building on Fulton.

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