Flume House

In a recent blog entry we saw ol’ Cannonball Shaver using the flume to beat the stage down the hill. Horse-drawn wagons made their way along muddy Front Street, now Clovis Avenue, rolling south through the business district where Lumber fueled Clovis’ early growth. Rather than racing down the flume as cannonball Shaver every night, workers building homes near the mill. Originally located along the flume that started on Stevenson creek, (before Shaver Lake) one can imagine after a long hard day’s work in the late 1800’s, flume workers would be glad to hit the sack in a dorm even bare and humble.

After the mill closed in 1914 shutting down the flume, Mayo Redford purchased an old dorm and relocated it in Clovis along Bullard Ave. At the time, the area was bare grassland with one or two other homes sprouting nearby. These flume houses had served employees who worked along the route as it transported logs to the mill. Redford’s flume house remains today, a private residence and parts of the original flume, and great deal of local history, are on display at the Clovis Historical Museum.

Why not join us for our next adventure through Old Town….and check out the old flume house yourself?
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