It gives About Town Taste great pride and joy to see the ongoing development of the cultural art district. This neighborhood is the centerpiece of our Art Born of Graffiti tour, and we’ve loved celebrating the renewal and development of this area as an up-and-coming center of Arts and Culture.

A couple weeks ago I was at the unveiling of the latest mural to be dedicated in Fresno. My friend Barbara, along for the fun, and I joyfully attended the event. This beautiful evening began with an eclectic mix of a street fair and family style cuisine; A taco stand and some icy sweet organic paletas with live music by Lance Canales & the Flood with Jake Finney from Motel Drive sitting in regaled us.

After introducing the VIPs present ~ and poetry readings by Fresno’s own Philip Levine, recently named America’s Poet Laurite ~ we learned of how the Muralistics came to be.

Begun as an arts program that works with at-risk youth doing community murals, artist workshops and community education; Muralistics mentors youth inspiring them to pursue their artistic dreams and expressions. These Fresno youth are dedicated to beautification of our schools, neighborhoods and community through the visual arts medium of interesting and thoughtful murals. So, without further ado, Revive! was unveiled, using a 30’s era style to call our city to revitalization. Revive! is sure to be one of the famed stops on our tours.

We are continually honored to host our Art of Graffiti tour extolling the virtues of one of Fresno’s finest neighborhoods! We so very much look forward to seeing this 21st-century dream evolve before our very eyes.
For more information, visit the Muralistics on Facebook! And, while you seek them out, may I also gently suggest your consideration of our Art of Graffiti Tour sometime soon?
Until next time!


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