Sacred Space

A church is first and foremost a place where the community of the faithful gather to worship through participation in the saving actions of Jesus, his life, death and resurrection. The physical building of the Shrine of St. Therese is an edifice of which the parishioners can be justly proud, for it is a beautiful and prayerful sacred space set aside for the worship of God. Architect Vincent Buckley of San Francisco designed the this Church — a romanesque-mission structure of reinforced steel concrete with a mission tile roof. The glass mosaic windows showing events in the life of Jesus and representation of Old and New Testament, were made in Chartes, France.
The windows are unlike ordinary stained glass, for they are made of pieces of glass one and one half inches thick, cut like gems to give depth and a variety of shades to the colors as sunlight moves through the panes. The great rose window, in the extreme center of the Church’s main entrance wall, unites with color and size the entire collection of windows found throughout the church.

As is the case with most Catholic places of worship, the Shrine of St. Therese has many statues and paintings of heroic persons who have given us examples of strong, faith-filled lives spent for God — they are people who have become examples as we strive to make God more and more a part of our own lives. A church tells the story of how a people feel about themselves and their God, how they view this action in their lives and in the history of their world. It is a lasting tribute to their faith and desire that things beautiful and precious surround their celebration of God.
Intrigued? Join us on the next Tower Taste adventure on Aug 26th 6p or the 28th @ 10a as we explore the area, as well as the spectacular art of St Therese. Advance reservation needed via or 559.392.4471


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