Every Face Tells a Story

Ma Ly is living his dream. Growing up in France Ma always dreamt of being an artist but did not think he could make a living at it. Instead Ma worked in the movie industry. Yet, art opened doors and Ma now tells stories of life and history as a portrait artist living in Fresno. “Portraits are made to last” states Ma. “They document reality and remind future generations of history”.
It is that philosophy which directs Ma’s work. Inspired by faces of today and some of history past, Ma creates portraits in a very realistic style common of European portraitists. “In every painting I try to think ‘what if I was there?’” shares Ma.
Through each stroke of Ma’s brush a story is told in the faces he paints. From his niece in a French school girl uniform to General Pao’s proud depiction, Ma’s talented hand tells a story on canvas.
Ma also shares his talent generously; with many of his portraits of historical figures presented to family as a tribute. And Ma gives of himself in teaching art to local students.
You can experience Ma’s work each ArtHop by stepping into his Collegio at the Broadway Studios. The Broadway Studio building is full of art; inside out and About Town Taste includes it on the next walking adventure Aug 12th or 13th. If we’re lucky, Ma might be able to meet us too!
If you would like to join the adventure on Friday the 12th or Saturday the 13th please contact us via info@AboutTownTaste.com or 559.392.4471 so we can let the artists and restaurants know how many will be stopping by on the tour.

Photos by May Ly.


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