Chicken or the pie?

Why not both!
The Chicken Pie Shop moved in to the former Byde’s Hardware in 1966. Beginning his career working in the Goldstein-Kutner store, downtown Fresno, Byde opened the HIS first hardware store, also downtown on Fulton Street, in 1930. By mid-1950s, Byde opened two more hardware stores in the “new” Fig Garden Village and Manchester shopping centers before his death in 1960.

Gary Ross, current owner of the Chicken Pie Shop, said his father opened the restaurant in 1956. The restaurant’s original location was next door to where it sits today, paved over by the parking lot of the Dollar Tree store.
The Chicken Pie Shop is a bit like stepping back in time with a classic dinner set up. Oh, and the pies? delicious! Our Tower Art Taste tour stops for a bite on FRI 7/22 6-8p or SAT 7/23 10a-12n. Join us; you never know what history will reveal…..
Please call to reserve so the restaurants can be prepared. $25pp or 559.392.4471


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