Su Arte Here

As part of the ongoing dialogue and development of our Cultural Arts District, Arte America will be featuring a traveling mural project from the Bay Area whose imagery deals with issues that affects communities and ranges in subject from gentrification of former diverse neighborhoods, immigration, racism, or the environment to name a few.

The coming exhibit will feature large-scale digital reproductions of murals seen in San Francisco’s Mission District. These public art pieces inject contemporary art addressing our political and social concerns into the lives of our community in a new form creating community dialogue.

Thanks to the support of the James Irvine Foundation the exhibit is free. Not be outdone, Arte is also giving every About Town Taste tour participant a free admission to their nights on the plaza on either July 8th or August 12th! This is a great time to make a night of exploration in and through Fresno’s Cultural District on one of our adventures: Art of Graffiti. You can even pre purchase your tickets at Arte just $25pp and includes all of the food as well as the tour. So, give us a call and join the adventure!
559.392.4471 or

July 8th
Don’t miss 40-Watt-Hype began here in the center valley from a culture that is the underbelly of LA and San Francisco. With the bass bumping out of the ’84 Cutlass to the backyard fiestas, the music of 40 Watt Hype creates-live Hip Hop cultivated from the seeds of a favorite dusty Soul record with a Latin “b” side.

August 12th
Its Julio Bravo e su Orquestra Slasabor


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