Another one bites the dust

In the midst of the depression the Firestone Tire Company opened a service station on the corner of Fulton and Stanislaus styling their building in Streamline Moderne; Similar to art deco but with less frills or ornamentation. This property is the earliest use of style for commercial purposes in Fresno. Art deco and then Streamline Moderne was popular in the 20-40’s and began in Paris, France. The style commonly has many lines, curves instead of corners. Sleek and smooth are hallmarks.
Consider the architectural integrity of the Firestone building in light of other buildings in Fresno. Roadside architecture and gas stations we far more thought out than today’s utilitarian boring places. Although it is noted the property is in very bad shape because it has not been taken care of, some people want to save the building and were working with the city and planners on how best to do so.

Alas, today I rounded the corner as I headed to work and I was astonished! Its gone.

The City Of Fresno recommended to the Historic Preservation Commission the old Firestone building be listed on the local register of historic resources. The Fresno City Council Redevelopment Agency, felt it would be better as an empty lot. Guess they won.

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