One Family’s Roots

In the fields of the Central Valley, the DeAlba family has grown and laid their roots. Coming from Mexico to Stockton, CA; Mom, Dad and their 10 children worked hard providing food for others tables while maintaining a strong family bond. Sons and daughters grew up and left the fields to work at local restaurants from the bottom up. It was around the family table discussion ensued over what those restaurants were serving and how much better mom’s food was. Over time and much talk an idea formed; use mom’s recipes and start their own restaurant.
By now many of the sons and daughters were living in Fresno so it was decided everyone would move there and work together to make the restaurant a success. It is this family bond that sets Los Panchos apart…. and mom’s great recipes! Los Panchos uses the freshest ingredients for the great food offered at affordable prices.
Stop by for a meal and you, too, will see how good it is as well as get to know a family who has made a successful life here in the valley. Ramon and his family welcome you to Los Panchos with plenty of room for your next event, great food and a homelike atmosphere.
They also give back.
As a way to say thank you to fellow fieldworkers, Los Panchos takes a complete meal to the fields for one lucky group on a regular basis. All they need do is register their group of workers for the drawing and the winning group gets a complete lunch brought to them, gratis.

The DeAlba family is also committed to Fresno’s downtown. They own several buildings on the Fulton Mall offering diverse services:
• Jalisco Jewelers
• Los Panchos restaurant
• DeAlba Travel
“Each of the businesses are owned by family members” shares Raul who owns Jalisco Jewelers. “My sister owns the travel agency next door and my brother and his family own Los Panchos”. This commitment to downtown also extends to local revitalization efforts as Raul serves on the Fulton Specific Plan working to revitalize the downtown core. “I really think this time we may see it happen” said Raul. “We’ve tried many other times with studies and plans, but this time it feels different”. We sit looking across to the Bank of Italy building, and the mall in general, in its sorry state. One can only hope he is right.
About Town Taste joins Raul in working to bring life back to Fresno’s Fulton Mall, and the downtown core, by connecting people with the fabulous art & architecture while stopping by Los Panchos for some of their delicious food from mom’s recipes on our walking adventure. Will you think of joining us on the next adventure of the Fulton Mall May 7th @10a? Advance reservations are needed via info@AboutTownTaste or 559.392.4471


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