Five gets Five Stars

And now for a different Taste About Town: On a recent visit to Five restaurant, a local favorite of mine, I had such an incredible meal I just had to share!

Although a cold crisp night outside, Five was warm and welcoming as well as bustling; good to see in these times.

Enjoying a nice evening out, the wait staff was wonderfully engaging and charming guiding us through the night’s selections. So many choices all sounded great; we selected the Sea Bass Provencale with Angel Hair Pasta special. As we settled in, relaxing with our glass of wine, we were surprised to receive an amuse-bouche of what we thought was bruschetta. How wrong were we…..nothing so ordinary with its surprisingly sweet and juicy tomatoes this time of year.

Soon enough our dinner arrived.

Not only a delight for the eyes but the fragrance of delicious garlic wafted to tempt us. From the first bite of the perfectly cooked bass to the last bite of the pasta, we knew we had selected the best.

The delicate fish was perfectly cooked; tender white and flaky. Next came the perfect bite… you know everything on one fork bite; a tad of fish, a bit of the pasta with the fresh spinach, even the slightly salty caper all lightly wrapped in the Provencale sauce. Mummmm…..divine.

That’s the thing I find here at Five, always a restraint, never over sauced as some tend to do. Just letting the fresh ingredients reveal themselves.
The next time you have a chance to go out for a nice meal be sure to stop in at Five. You are guaranteed to have a wonderful meal!

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