The Pacific: Pivotal Point

The Corner of Fulton and Mariposa has been a pivotal point in Fresno’s growth since the city’s founding in 1872. Small wooden shacks occupied by photographers, carpenters, millinery shops and ice cream parlors rapidly blossomed on the site as the city sprang to life. The first recorded sale of this property was the spring of 1875 for $187.50 and was sold later that year for $550.00. A far cry from The Pacific’s current appraisal of $2.5m.

W.A. Sutherland, Vice President of the Pacific Southwest Trust and Savings Bank instructed the architects to “create a monumental office and bank building which will become a landmark for Fresno and…will add to the beauty of Fresno’s skyline.” The Pacific Southwest Building was the tallest building between Los Angeles and San Francisco at its dedication in 1925.
Inside, the first-floor main hall ceiling-hidden until recent years-is 40-ft of hand painted sculptured plaster with gold leaf motif. Covered by a modern drop ceiling of acoustic tile, it has been restored to its original glory. The grand space is now used as a ballroom for wedding receptions, conventions and reunions. The Pacific stands at the center of the six-block long Fulton Mall that is home to a farmers market, concerts and festivals. With the possible exception of the historic Fresno Water Tower, 1060 Fulton is arguably the most recognized building in Fresno. Sadly, recent economic times have taken a toll on the old girl. After months of speculation, on and off again foreclosure auctions, The Pacific building fell victim to the auctioneer’s gavel on January 18th. The bank was the lone bidder at $1.9m although it estimated the building is now worth $2.5m. Only time will tell the next chapter in the story of The Pacific. As long as its doors remain open, About Town Taste takes you inside this historic building, where more beauty awaits, on the next walking adventure Saturday February 5th on the ‘Clocks to Spirals’ taste tour. Normally $25pp, this winter it is offered at $15pp and includes the tour (under 2hrs), food at partner locations and tax. Reservations are needed for the restaurants so please email or call today: or 559.392.4471


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