Karen’s Keepsakes

Way back in ’94 Karen’s Keepsakes began a tradition of mural art on their place of business. Today’s murals reflect a love of entertainment legends as its subject matter. The idea was since the Tower District is an entertainment area with live bands, live theater etc… why not do something bright and lively that would uplift viewers as well? “I mean the murals to be spirited and fun in an area known for its neon nightlife and nostalgia” Karen tells us. With a nod to the past I think Legends succeeds. You never know when more favorite artists may hang out around Karen’s corner—singing, playing and dancing just for you!
Karen herself is also an artist and has owned and operated her gift shop/boutique in the historic Tower District for many years. A summer ‘experiment’ of opening a shop in a renovated old mansion quickly blossomed into a full time job, leading to three successively larger locations. “I enjoy meeting the public, and being creative in my work.” Karen’s Keepsakes “also serves as an informal gallery for my own art and creativity”.
Karen’s is just one of the art stops on the About Town Taste adventure in the Tower District. Our next date for this tour is Jan 29th 10a.
So the restaurants can be prepared, please contact us
to reserve info@AboutTownTaste.com or 559.392.4471


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