Art Across the Pages of Time

Fresno has long been an area that has inspired the imagination, from the time of the first Native Americans, through the tumultuous years of settlement, to the present.

The summer of 1868 a girl was born in Millerton to the postmaster and his wife. Soon Millerton was facing a demise so the young family moved down to the new settlement of Fresno Station. The Froelich family settled just north of the then new post office at Mariposa & H St where Otto acted as the postmaster. By a very young age the Freoelich’s daughter was drawing so well many felt she had great talent. The family agreed, sending her to the finest schools and then to Hopkins Art Institute in San Francisco. She traveled the world studying with leading painters and taught at several universities. Her paintings, even today, are part of permanent collections at the Oakland Museum and the National Gallery in DC which has six of her works. From her birth in a small mining camp of Millerton Maren Froelich was Fresno’s first native born artist living in what we know today as the Cultural Arts District. Remnants of this vibrant sector of early Fresno, associated with the arts and entertainment, once again express itself colorfully as many buildings, homes or businesses have been restored or are undergoing adaptive reuse.
About Town Taste sets out to explore the district with its newest art and buildings, as well as a few tasty bites, on the Art Born of Graffiti adventure the 2nd weekend of the month. Our next foray into the area on a Taste the Tour is February 12th… why not join us?

Contact the office for the meet up or 559.392.4471

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