Walk on the wild side. Take a walking tour; Explore your city!

What does Fresno have to do with other great cities of the world? I am sure you’ve heard or thought ‘there’s nothing to do here’ Oh, but there IS! About Town Taste walking adventures wade into four local neighborhoods; one each weekend of the month.
We have some great architecture and world-class art all over the city. Like a wine tasting, About Town Taste adventures guide you through the process of renewing all your senses with art, history, food and drink.

Guides know the hidden alleys and shortcuts. They are longtime residents of the area and excellent story tellers. They are constantly researching, giving an overview of the city. They are constantly striving to incorporate the art, architecture and local food through engaging history. They make sites from history’s stories come alive. Guided walks are far different than the superficial visiting a traveler gets with iPods, guidebooks or on your own. You get warmth, humor, stories told with spontaneity, and you are in touch with a local person who can answer questions. With a guide, you use all your senses. Seth Kamil, owner of Big Onion Walking Tours in New York says “Our guides are constantly striving to offer some ‘insights’ into the community through the medium of history. They make sites from history’s stories come alive”.

“Taste what the city has to offer” – Fresno Magazine

“To my delight, not only did I savor the food and drink along the way, I learned a lot, too.” – Jennifer H, Clovis, CA

November 27th 10a
is the next About Town Taste adventure featuring the art & architecture along with some tasty food…of the hip neighborhood known as the Tower District.

Another advantage of guided walks is the helpful information travelers share with one another. David Tucker, owner of London Walks, says it goes beyond simple recommendations for plays, museums or restaurants to “make sure to get there a half hour earlier to avoid two hours in a queue.” Guides often recommend reasonably priced restaurants in the area, and others are apt to chime in with anecdotes about good eating places.
This summer at the end of a walk through Trastevere, once Rome’s ancient Jewish ghetto and now one of its trendiest neighborhoods, four new friends and I took our guide’s suggestion and went to a little café near the Ponte Sisto Bridge and shared discoveries in Rome and other places.

Getting to the designated starting points is part of the fun. Walks usually start outside obscure buildings, or sometimes at museums, churches, or squares. That’s part of the mystery which comes with these walking tours in cities around the world. “Guidebooks go out of date even before they are published. We are constantly changing the walks, constantly finding historical material that works, and incorporating the past and present in this thriving, living city. Also, you can’t get lost. If a site has closed, the guides can talk about what that means to the neighborhood. The celebrities on iPod tours are excellent readers, but they may not know the area in depth”, stated Kamil, owner of Big Onion Walking Tours.

Just what is a walking adventure? What will you visit on a tour?...well, at About Town Taste we don’t eat and tell! Exact routes and locations are often finalized just before a tour. Here are some highlights intrepid walkers enjoyed this season…..

• Fragrant jasmine pearl green tea, smoky oolong, and sweet
black tea flavored with lychee fruits
• Interiors of local historic buildings
• Personal visits with local artists discussing their works
• Gourmet hot dogs
• Authentic English tea & scones
• Fine french roast italian coffees
• Juicy gourmet burgers of angus beef with local and seasonal
ingredients, including mushrooms, roast red peppers and goat
cheese with cilantro pesto
• To actually touch an authentic Renoir sculpture*
• Chat with vendors about why they do what they do

Next time you’re find yourself thinking there’s nothing to do, or are traveling around, look up a unique and delicious walking tour where you’ll taste the foods, sip the drinks, meet some artisans & vendors in their shops – while exploring the lively neighborhoods.
You never know what you will discover in any city the world over….. or in your own back yard, Fresno!

Hope you will join us! So our food vendors can prepare, reservations are needed via info@AboutTownTaste.com or 559 392 4471

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