Ironbird’s Art

Saturated with art Ironbird lofts are colorful and vibrant; there’s no way a resident can feel culturally deprived. Recently, artist Robert Amador took some time to finish several works in and around the lofts.
Asked by loft developer Reza Assemi to ‘bring some life’ to the hallways and utilitarian spaces Amador set to work only to be pulled away for yet another mural elsewhere. “By the time I returned to the project, there were 10 times the tenants living there, as there were when I originally started it, and the mess of paints, buckets of (fermented) water for brushes…still lay there…un touched” says Amador in his blog on the subject.
More for fun than an exercise in skill or technique, how any people can say ‘I live down the hall from the drippy horse thing’ or ‘go up the stairs but be sure to use the one that has the serpent with the Lenoesque head and not the man-in-the-moon face’?

Within the lofts property you are surrounded with imaginative and diverse works of such artists as Amador and sculptor Brandon Greer or muralists Jason Graham and Josh Wigger, to name a few. That doesn’t even count the numerous resident artists who display their work in shops of the neighborhood. The Lofts sit as a pivotal point of the mural district and are the anchor to a wonderfully saturated neighborhood filled with more art in its streets and alleys that anywhere else in the city. About Town Taste wanders into the lofts private spaces and around the district on its Art Born of Graffiti adventure next weekend, Nov. 13th. Why not join us as we explore the area and its art with some tasty food stops included…what will YOU discover?

Check us out on call 392.4471 or email Reservations are necessary so call today!


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