Late Night Eats

Fresno is not known for its late night dining options. Where to go on a late Saturday night or after a concert? For years it’s been the entertainment hot spot of Denny’s. Thank goodness we are seeing more options. Entering the fray is Come & Get It! chicken and waffles. The restaurant, on the Fulton Mall just south of Mariposa where Milano used to be, has limited hours and a menu with…..chicken AND waffles. Period.

It’s not fancy or particularly fast food, but it’s affordable and good. Checking out the scene recently I sensed something else. What is the story here? Why is this place full on a late night? Who is that lady visiting with everyone like she knows you? I was soon to find out.
Nancy and her son’s story began in their home. They began inviting friends who asked if they could bring their friends and word got out. They were lined up at the door and in the yard patiently waiting for a seat to vacate. Next, Nancy began catering some functions at which people would ask “where’s your restaurant? I don’t have one” came the reply from Nancy. “Well you should!” was the response too numerous to count. Nancy and Shelton began talking about the possibility of opening a place of their own. Shelton was finishing college and thinking of coming back to Fresno so the timing was right. They began looking into locations but found it a challenge. One day Nancy, a child advocate, was sitting outside on the Fulton Mall during a break. She prayed, “Lord do you think we could really do it….where should we go?” Turning to go back inside to her office job a sign caught her eye; For Lease. She took down the number and later called. $15,000 was the required deposit to lease the space, then the equipment and rent. Disappointment washed over her knowing she did not have anything close to that.
Over the next weeks Nancy talked to her friends about her disappointment. They came back with the suggestion of telling the landlord her dream and asking if he would work with them. To her surprise he was intrigued enough to talk more. She laid out her plan and dream and they came to an agreeable term. Come & Get It! was born and last March opened their doors. They recently had a blessings event so everyone who has become part of the endeavor could come together and thank the Lord for His provision.
The next part of the dream is still to come; Nancy wants to employ those on hard times trying to get back into productive society, as interns. “A place where they can learn good hard work, a few skills, to help them on their way” shared Nancy. If the past 8 months are indication, her dream could fulfilled, soon.

Next time you have a hankering for a late night meal check out Come & Get It! The waffles are great and the chicken is unbelievably delicious. About Town Taste stops in at Come & Get It! on two of its adventures: Downtown Art & Architecture and Art Born of Graffiti: Mural District. Join us some time!
Come & Get It! is open 10p to 3a Friday and Saturdays, Saturday mornings 9-1p and Wednesday lunch


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