Local Jewel

Seemingly another local radio station, KJWL is anything but ordinary.

Packed with jewels like Feleena Sutton, Bruce Campbell, Jim Roberts, Dave Hull, Juanita Stevenson, Bud Elliot Chris Nieto and Alan Autry; native Fresn’ans all, add a smooth musical line up with local views on our valley in a diverse subject blend and a pinch of hometown community support and you’ve got a local gem. It’s hard to beat a local dynamo like KJWL which has something for everyone!

KJWL/KYNO has a long history of local broadcast in Fresno and has recently boosted their broadcast power to compete with another powerhouse station. Owner, John Ostlund has been a major cheerleader of downtown for over 30ryrs. From his humble start in the 70’s at the back room of his first client’s store, he’s always built on a community support stand and lead the station to consistently earn a top-five rating. KJWL/KYNO is another example of his true support of downtown.
Housed today in an old furniture store Ostlund remodeled into a hip space, its timeless brick shell filled with a contemporary office space, it features a light filled lobby utilized as a swank contemporary art gallery. Karl Kallmannn, curator for the KJWL space, has a vision for Fresno too. Although not an artist himself, Karl comes from as family of talented and renown artists. Karl’s got a great eye for making art sing in most any space. Just mention ArtHop and everyone knows you can always stop in to KJWL for a night of art and entertainment like any you will find in bigger cities such as San Francisco or LA; right in the heart of downtown Fresno.

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But the support of downtown does not stop there. Be it bringing dignity and self worth in vagrants who live in the alley along Fulton or cleaning weed filled lots owned by the city, Ostlund backs up his local support with quiet one-person-at-a time action.
Next time you’re scanning the dial think of KJWL and give it a try. Music, talk radio and a local flavor… you too may be hooked on this local jewel.

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