Creative Fresno

Visible examples of Fresno’s diverse arts scene can be found all around town. We have some world class art hanging out around our city. Did you know we even have an original Renoir?

One of the most famous French impressionist painters, Renoir, together with his friend Claude Monet, painted some of the most acclaimed works of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Renoir works are instantly recognizable and loved.

The Washer Woman-Renoir

La Grand Laveuse is one of only six original bronze castings of this work that exist and is the only one you touch without ropes or glaring guards to stop you!

See this and so many more works of art and historic buildings woven with the stories of our city. We also taste some great local food on the Downtown Art & Architecture adventure the first weekend of every month, Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Art, architecture, history & food; what a great way to experience our city.
Join us sometime for a walking adventure and connect with the city in a whole new way!


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