Graffiti or Art? you decide

Gaffiti or art?

The mere mention of graffiti can conjure thoughts of urban decay.

While graffiti has existed since the beginning of human kind… some it is filth or decay and unwanted; others see it as self expression unleashed or an art form worthy of display in a gallery perhaps.

Others experience graffiti as vandalism even some who engage in it. The other day on an adventure through the Tower District I met a local artist… who was trying to fix one his pieces that had been tagged.

Eric had previously installed a mural on the side of a local business now he was the victim of a tagger who defiled his work. We had an interesting conversation about graffiti and art.

When does it cross a line from art to vandalism?

Who draws that line?

Is art open to editing?

Is tagging an act of vandalism or can it, too, be art?

I asked Eric how he felt. He was very conflicted as he thought through an answer. Ultimately, Eric sided on stating the tagging was vandalism: of his personal art, his creation and and insult to him as an artist. It was a diffcult answer for him as he, too, has engaged in tagging.

Graffiti has evolved into a pop art culture…and, at least in Fresno, seems to be strongly related to the rebirth of neighborhoods. Once thriving streets, fallen into decline are now renewing as a vibrant cultural district.

Artist are collaborating with property owners and installing wonderful collaborative murals. Creative Fresno seeks to bring about such collaborations: talent, funds & willing building owners to benefit the greater community with murals.

Public art in general and  murals in particular, can create and define a neighborhood, and enhance the urban environment feeding the cultural soul of a community.

Moreover, murals allows us to showcase the tremendous talent in our city. Think Fresno needs anew scene?  Think again. About Town Taste gives you a taste of the dynamic rewed neighborhood in the cultural arts district with its Art Born of Graffiti adventures every 2nd weekend of the month…and this too, like all our adventures includes food!

Book your adventure at today.


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