Diverse Art Found

Visible examples of Fresno’s diverse arts scene can be found About Town.

A growing number of murals throughout the area, by a broad spectrum of artists, can be found on further meanderings. While previous entries highlighted a long history of art in the public square of Fresno, most of the murals downtown are more recent additions to our vibrant community, especially in the emerging Cultural Arts District north of Tuolumne Street. Check out the our Art Born of Graffiti the 2nd weekend of every month adventure for more art.

Creative Fresno, a local non-profit group dedicated to making our city a place for creative professionals and knowledgeable workers, has lead the way with regular fundraisers in support of ongoing projects.

Still more out-door art is to be found  scattered through our vast city.  The Rotary Club of Fresno was honored by the state for their Highway Art project along the Sierra Freeway 168, depicting our region’s unique landmarks and diverse cultural composition. In addition to beautifying the areas highways, mosaics are intended to attract business, recreational travelers and residents to the rapidly growing Central Valley. The mosaics are considered to be the only ones of their type in the nation. Murals measure a hefty 8 by 20 feet and consist of some 25,000 tiles chosen for their vibrant colors.

Community members young and old donated thousands of hours  in planning and construction of these works of art created through area high school art departments. Each work features uncommon colors and textures, showcasing a city landmark. Murals are placed at several key locations. For a downloadable PDF of the route contact the Fresno Rotary.


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